Investment criteria

We are science led investors, focusing on innovative technologies in areas of high unmet need. Unconstrained by institution, geography or stage of company development we have the ability to source the best life science innovation without restriction.


Novel therapeutics with first or best in class approach. We focus on on investing in high impact science, with the potential to dramatically improve outcomes for patients.


Unconstrained approach to sourcing innovation. Arix benefits from extensive global networks including deep venture capital and biotech networks, pharmaceutical and academic partners


Extensive global networks provide easy access to the best life science innovation across the globe

Development Stage

Flexible to the point of entry. We invest in seed stage companies, preclinical and clinical stage assets; private or public

Venture Strategies

We take a broad approach to supporting life sciences innovation; investing at all stages of development. We focus on investing in innovative companies addressing serious unmet need in healthcare.


Identify and building the next generation of biotech companies around high impact science

Through our extensive networks and partners, we collaborate with exceptional scientists, researchers and academic institutions to turn scientific discoveries into successful biotech start up companies.
We take a hands on approach, either in an operational role or through a board seat. We can help secure initial funding, develop business strategy, make connections and recruit experienced and talented management


Early and late stage venture capital

We provide flexible, long term capital to exceptional entrepreneurs building the next generation of breakthrough biotech companies.
We take a hands on approach when we invest; we provide access to our global networks and position our companies for growth and clinical success


Venture Investment in Public Equity (VIPEs)

There are many undervalued small public companies running out of cash and some outstanding technologies are hidden in “orphaned” companies. Recapitalising and rebuilding such companies can lead to significant investment returns.
We take a significant stake and a board seat when we invest, just as we would with a typical venture investment. We play an active role in the company and facilitate introductions to potential partners and acquirers through our extensive global networks.