Arix Bioscience Announces Results for Year Ended 31st December 2022

3rd May 2023

Robert Lyne, Arix CEO, presents annual results for year ended 31st March 2022

"As for many, 2022 proved more challenging than we had hoped at the start of the year. Markets were performing worse in the fourth quarter than in the same period in 2021 when life sciences stocks first began a steep fall. In the ensuing market correction, we are seeing a more conservative environment and a flight to quality, with the market oriented more towards value.

“Despite these uncertain times, the factors driving growth in the pharmaceutical industry remain unchanged: an ageing population, a rising prevalence of chronic conditions, and an increasing per capita spend on healthcare in developed and emerging markets underscore the inherent value that the sector has to offer.

“For investors such as Arix, unlocking this value requires recovery in the biotechnology sector markets and an increase in licensing and M&A activity. We are confident that the fundamentals will play through when the macro challenges are no longer weighing as heavily on the markets.”

Robert Lyne, CEO

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