First project from Arix’s agreement with LDC

LONDON, 20 MARCH 2017:

Arix Bioscience plc (LSE:ARIX) (“Arix Bioscience” or “the Company”), a global healthcare and life science company supporting medical innovation, has signed an agreement with the Lead Discovery Center GmbH (LDC), Max Planck Innovation GmbH (MPI), and the University of Leeds to develop new therapeutics for metabolic diseases based on the discoveries from these organisations.

Under the terms of the agreement, Arix Bioscience will fund and manage experimental work that builds on fundamental discoveries from the faculty of cardiovascular medicine and diabetes at the University of Leeds and LDC, focusing on the development of antagonists of a novel target for a variety of metabolic indications.

LDC, established by Max Planck Innovation and the Max Planck Society to capitalise on the potential of research from Max Planck Institutes, takes basic pathobiology or novel targets from academia and uses its integrated drug discovery platform to produce new candidate therapies for development.

This collaboration originated from a strategic agreement signed between Arix Bioscience and LDC in 2016, under which the LDC shares pipeline projects with Arix Bioscience. This is the first project to arise from this agreement.

“Arix Bioscience aims to identify the best innovation in healthcare and life science and to use our permanent capital approach and strategic insight to support scientific teams in converting this innovation into proprietary development projects. “We recently raised £100m in an initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange from a range of high quality investors who are supportive of our strategy and enthusiastic about our pipeline. We believe the combination of capital and strategic guidance we can offer can have a transformative impact on early-stage scientific discovery. “This collaboration with LDC and the University of Leeds on metabolic projects is the first fruit of Arix’s partnership with the Lead Discovery Center and Max Planck Innovation GmbH, which demonstrates our ability to convert our high-quality relationships into tangible projects based on academic scientific excellence with long-term commercial potential.”

Joe Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Arix Bioscience