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San Diego, CA, US


Ciara Kennedy, Ph.D.


Arix Representative

Amplyx Pharmaceuticals is developing first-in-class products for the treatment of life-threatening infections, with a near-term focus on deadly fungal pathogens in vulnerable, immune compromised patients.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy and other immunosuppressive treatments end up with compromised immune systems. This makes them susceptible to a new disease—invasive fungal infections. By treating their underlying condition, patients are now open to a new life-threatening disease.

Yet, existing therapies for invasive fungal infections are extremely limited on many fronts—they are difficult to administer, can have toxic side effects and are ineffective against more potent fungi which have developed resistance.

Amplyx is advancing a novel small-molecule therapy, APX001, in clinical development. Intravenous and oral formulations of APX001 have been evaluated in a Phase 1 clinical program, with Phase 2 clinical trials in invasive fungal infections planned for initiation in 2018.