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Ness Ziona, Israel


Dan Teleman




Atox Bio is a late-stage biotechnology company, with a primary focus on serious, life threatening conditions in critically ill patients resulting from severe acute inflammation, such as necrotising soft tissue infections (NSTI) more commonly known as ‘flesh eating bacteria’ and sepsis induced acute kidney injury (AKI), for which no current therapies exist.

NSTI’s are rapidly progressing infections that result in significant tissue destruction and systemic disease leading to multiple organ dysfunction, failure and death. AKI involves inflammatory processes which can lead to permanent reduction of kidney function and is also associated with an increased risk of death, extended hospitalisation, and increased medical cost. AKI affects annually around 3 million patients in the US, Europe and Japan and with a significant morbidity and mortality risk associated with overstimulated immune responses.

Atox Bio’s lead therapeutic candidate, Reltecimod, is a novel peptide that modulates the body’s severe acute immune response and lowers morbidities and mortality

Reltecimod is in Phase 3 with its ACCUTE trial for NSTI and has orphan drug designation from the FDA and EMA as well as Fast Track designation. In parallel Atox is conducting the REAKT Phase 2 study evaluating Reltecimod in patients with AKI.