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Cambridge, MA, US


Elisabet de los Pinos


Arix Representative

Current treatments for cancers like ocular melanoma are highly invasive and often imprecise and toxic. Aura is creating a new class of therapies that can pinpoint solid tumours and metastases without harming surrounding tissue, enabling targeted treatment across a wide range of cancers.

Aura’s lead program, light-activated AU-011, targets ocular melanoma, a rare and aggressive eye cancer which represents a significant unmet need. Surgical intervention and radiotherapy can lead to eye damage and loss of vision, but ocular melanoma metastasizes to the liver in about 40% of cases in the long term, where it is nearly always fatal.

Aura’s first-in-class program uses viral nanoparticle conjugates to bind selectively to unique receptors on cancer cells. The therapy is administered through an intravitreal injection into the eye and, once activated by an ophthalmic laser, the treatment kills the cancer cells while preserving patients’ vision. This approach is designed to remove cancer cells in the back of the eye as a first-line therapy, while allowing for the potential for preserving patients’ vision. The goal is to treat small ocular melanomas before the disease progresses and metastasizes to the liver, saving lives, preserving vision and reducing complications.