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Paris, France


Dr. Gordon Hamilton


Arix Representative

Depixus' goal is to commercialise a highly innovative technology platform for the fast, accurate, and inexpensive extraction of genetic and epigenetic information from single molecules of DNA and RNA. It was initially developed in the laboratory of Vincent Croquette, David Bensimon, and Jean-François Allemand at École Normale Supérieure (ENS), one of France’s leading ‘Grandes Ecoles’.

The technology is known as SIMDEQ™ (SIngle-molecule Magnetic DEtection and Quantification), which has a wide range of potential applications across the life-science and medical industries. Using the SIMDEQ™ platform, it will be possible to extract, identify, count, fully sequence, and epitype many millions of individual molecules of DNA and RNA at a high speed and accuracy. Substantial validation of its technology has already been completed and the first steps towards platform optimisation and commercialisation are underway.