Company Information


Boston, USA


Emile Nuwaysir, PhD




Ensoma is a genomic medicines company developing one-time in vivo treatments that precisely engineer any cell of the hematopoietic system. The company’s Engenious™ platform combines innovative delivery technology with the full DNA editing toolkit to tackle diseases that affect millions around the world, such as cancer and autoimmune disease, as well as inherited conditions.

Ensoma’s Engenious™ platform is bringing the power of in vivo multi-cellular genomic medicines to complex diseases. Devoid of any viral genes, the company’s virus-like-particle (VLP) delivery system is engineered to minimize immune responses and allows for vast payload capacity – up to 35 kilobases of packaged DNA – to enable a full range of modern gene modification technologies. The ability to use several of these tools in a single therapy holds the full promise of in vivo multiplexed therapies: several multi-functional engineered cell types working in concert to fight disease, from within.