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Cambridge, MA, US


Fred Chereau


Launched 2015 by pioneers in gene therapy from Stanford University and funded by leading life science investors, LogicBio is developing a pipeline of safe and durable treatments for pediatric patients with significant unmet medical needs using GeneRide™, its proprietary technology platform. The goal is to provide patients with a functional version of a faulty, disease-causing gene to provide durable therapeutic benefit.

In many rare genetic diseases, such as inborn errors of metabolism, symptoms arise in the first year of life and progress rapidly, often leading to death, so early intervention is critical. LogicBio is uniquely positioned to address this challenge. The company’s GeneRide technology hitches a therapeutic transgene to a native promoter without disrupting its normal function in the host genome, enabling permanent expression of a functional version of a missing or faulty gene. In traditional gene therapy, the corrective genes do not integrate with the patient’s chromosomes, which means they don’t carry through to successive generations when cells divide. That’s a particular concern for pediatric patients, because children’s cells divide rapidly as they grow. GeneRide solves this challenge by integrating the corrective gene in the chromosome at a precise location, ensuring it remains integral to the patient’s DNA as cells divide. The hope is that with single treatment early in a child’s life, LogicBio can potentially deliver lifelong benefits.