Company Information


Copenhagen, Denmark


Twelve Bio is a spinout from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Protein Research at the University of Copenhagen and Creation House programme at BioInnovation Institute (BII). The company is developing novel gene editing tools based on a deep understanding of the structure of naturally occurring enzymes that bind and cut DNA. Twelve Bio’s aim is to build a gene editing toolbox to target a wide range of genetic disorders and to provide tailored and safe molecules to help patients suffering from incurable diseases.

Twelve Bio uses an innovative approach to develop new precise gene-editing tools based on CRISPR-Cas12a system. Cas12a is a unique CRISPR nuclease that has several advantages over other gene editing tools, including its small size, high specificity and ability to target sections of DNA not amenable to other Cas nucleases, such as Cas9a. Twelve Bio has engineered Cas12a variants with unique properties that improve upon the naturally occurring version and enable genetic editing in a broad range of situations.