Robert Lyne

CEO and General Counsel, London, UK

Robert has over 10 years’ experience working with high growth technology companies having spent several years working in listed venture capital. He joined Arix in 2017 as General Counsel and Company Secretary before being promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2019. He joined the Board in April 2021 and was appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer whilst continuing to perform the role of General Counsel and Company Secretary. He began his career as a lawyer at international law firm Bird & Bird LLP in London. He has worked on over 70 venture capital financings in Europe and North America as well as multiple trade exits and IPOs, working with both company boards and investors to successfully execute complex cross-border transactions. As an experienced plc Company Secretary, Robert has broad experience of public company governance. Robert joined Arix in 2017 from Touchstone Innovations plc where he worked with a number of venture-backed biotechnology companies, both private and public.

Robert has a BA from the University of Oxford and an LLB from Oxford Brookes University.